IKEA recalls junior beds because of possible laceration hazards

NATIONAL (WXYZ) - IKEA recalled KRITTER and SNIGLAR junior beds Thursday due to possible laceration hazards.

IKEA asks customers to immediately stop using KRITTER or SNIGLAR junior beds and check the product label to see if the bed is affected by this recall.

According to IKEA's press release, there have been reports of the metal rod breaking at the attachment point to the bed side rail which can result in partial guard rail detachment and exposed sharp metal edges which can cause lacerations.

Affected beds are as followed:
• KRITTER junior beds with date stamp (YYWW) from 1114 to 1322, model number 600.904.70, supplier number 15361
• SNIGLAR junior beds with date stamp from 1114 to 1318, model number 500.871.66, supplier number 19740 or 18157

The date stamp, model number and supplier number are all located on the product label which is attached to either the headboard or underside of the bed.

IKEA's press release asks customers who have affected junior beds to contact customer service at (888) 966-4532 to receive a free repair kit. Repair kits contain a metal rod replacement, tools and instructions.

This recall does not affect any other IKEA beds.

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