Inkster water bills have community outraged

(WXYZ) - People who live in Inkster are angry about the huge water bills they say they can't afford. 

The new water meters are an issue for many, but not everyone has them, and people in the community are still seeing their bills raised. 

"I've been a homeowner since 1977--never been late with a water bill. Never in my life have I seen what is going on right now in the city of Inkster," said a resident who was one of hundreds who filled a town hall meeting hosted by Inkster City Councilman Tim Williams.

Williams says council and the mayor need to act to protect citizens who could lose their homes if the bills aren't paid. 

A citizens' group, called the Inkster Citizen Action Network (ICAN), is hoping to file a lawsuit against the city. The group wants a judge to order leaders to correct water meter problems and lower water rates.

Sandra Watley, a member of ICAN, says the group has been asking residents to donate $20 each, so the group can hire a lawyer.

As of Thursday night, Watley says they've collected approximately $5,000, which is enough to get the legal process started. She tells 7 Action News they could file a class-action lawsuit as early as next week.

However, she says they may need more funding throughout the next few months to cover additional legal fees.

Watley says ICAN will meet next Thursday to update residents on the situation.

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