Judge denies motion to invalidate Detroit absentee ballots

(WXYZ) - An effort to invalidate Detroit's absentee ballots failed Wednesday.  The judge denied the motion after a long day in court.  

It makes it easy for voters because it means if they currently have an absentee ballot, it's valid.  They do not have to worry about getting a new one. 

The absentee ballots were challenged after city clerk Janice Winfrey started mailing them out the day after the Wayne County Board of Canvassers certified the primary election.  

Her opponent in the upcoming election-- D.etta Wilcoxon-- and an activist group challenged that the ballots illegal since they were not certified again by the Detroit Election Commission. 

Winfrey testified on the stand that since the board certified the results prior to the primary, and since she's a member of the commission, she had the authority to send out the ballots without another vote from the commission. 

If the ballots had be invalidated they would have to have been reprinted and resent to voters.  Winfrey testified that that would have confused voters, delayed the election, and cost the city over $100,000. 


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