Jurors end Day 12 of deliberations in Kilpatrick corruption case

(WXYZ) - The jurors in the Kilpatrick Corruption Case wrapped up their deliberations a little early today and we are still waiting for a verdict.

But there was some excitement at the federal courthouse Wednesday.

On day 12 of deliberations, Kwame Kilpatrick was spotted inside the building.  But he was at the court as a matter of routine business as part of being on bond for the federal case.

"He was visiting pretrial services.  And I'm sure he was checking in there as he does periodically as a requirement of his bond," said Kilpatrick's lawyer Jim Thomas.

Detroit's former mayor, his father Bernard Kilpatrick, and his friend Bobby Ferguson are accused of running a criminal enterprise out of city hall.  Kilpatrick's lawyer Jim Thomas says Kilpatrick is staying close to the court each day – waiting to hear from the jury.

"They're deliberately going through the evidence piece by piece and it appears as if they're doing their job in the way it's supposed to be done.  We couldn't expect anything more.  Now the fact that it's taking a long time, while its not obviously… ideal you have to let the process work thru itself.  So they'll tell us when they're ready," said Thomas.

The jury left early due to some personal reasons for some of the jurors.  They will be back at the courthouse tomorrow morning – and so will the 7 Action News Investigators.  Stay with wxyz.com for the very latest on the Kilpatrick Corruption Case.

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