Kilpatrick trial resumes Thursday after holiday break

(WXYZ) - After holiday break, the Kilpatrick corruption trial starts up again Thursday morning.

Sparks were flying between lawyers, witnesses, and people on both sides of the case in the days leading up to the much-needed holiday break.

As everyone prepares to head back to court Thursday, federal prosecutors will start focusing on the tax crimes that Bernard Kilpatrick is accused of committing.

Court ended before the holiday break with one of Kwame Kilpatrick's fraternity brothers telling the jury that he had to pay the former mayor's father about $15,000 for very little work.

Marc Andre Cunningham said he moved to Detroit in 2005 and later pitched a $30 million investment plan to a city pension board member.  But, before Cunningham could get the deal done – he told the jury he was told to hire Kilpatrick's father, Bernard.

Detroit's former mayor, his father, and his friend Bobby Ferguson are on trial, accused of running a criminal enterprise out of city hall.

After an eight day holiday hiatus (not including weekends), the jurors will be back and ready to listen as federal prosecutors continue presenting their massive case. Financial experts and federal agents are expected to testify soon, as prosecutors try to convince the jury that in addition to racketeering and conspiracy charges, the former mayor and his father should be convicted on several tax crimes as well.

Some highly anticipated witnesses have yet to take the stand, including former Kilpatrick aide Derrick Miller, and the man who wore the wire in this case: James Rosendall.  We can expect to hear from them in the coming weeks.

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