Landscapers remove big tree branch from house

(WXYZ) - Virginia and Bill Markavich breathed a sigh of relief as they watched a big branch being removed from their home.

"It feels wonderful. Maybe I can catch up on some of that sleep I lost now," said Virginia Markavich.

For almost a month, it had been draped over their house on Detroit's southwest side after a storm.  For weeks, they feared what would happen if another storm moved through.

7 Action News introduced you to the Markavichs in January when they were having an impossible time trying to get the branch removed from their home.

"The next big wind storm or whatever, snow or whatever else it will damage that roof,"  said Bill Markavich on January 30th.

The branch came from a tree on a vacant lot next door and the family could not figure out who owned the property.

The Markavichs first thought the city owned the property, but did not know who to contact to fix the problem.  Bill and Virginia placed several calls to various departments within the city and Wayne County but only got recordings.

According to the Markavichs, it would take days to get their calls returned and t they could not get any answers.

That's when they called 7 Action News for help.

According to the Wayne County Treasurer's Office, the Wayne County Register of Deed's latest records show the property belongs to the H.U.D.

7 Action News placed more than a dozen calls to H.U.D., but could not get any answers.

So, 7 Action News took action for the Markavichs.

P.P.M. Landscape Contractors out of Canton agreed to help the Markavichs make their home safe again.

"They just don't know what they're doing for me," said Virginia Markavich.  "My angels sent from Heaven."

"A lot of our business is here in Detroit, probably half our business," said Bryan Dobbs, owner of P.P.M. Landscape Contractors. 

"We got a call, a lady had a tree on her house for about  three weeks… If we can come out and help out somehow, we are happy to do it."

A person at H.U.D. finally called 7 Action News on Tuesday. They don't believe the property belongs to them.

7 Action News sent them a copy of the deed naming them as the owners. At this time, they still do not believe they own the property, but they are looking into whether there is a glitch in their system.

"Channel 7, they're great," said Virginia Markavich.  "I called them, they got on it right away, didn't give up, and seeing it through till the end."

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