Local 5-year-old boy saves father by calling 911

(WXYZ) - Mike McManus of Rockwood is one of a few people who can say he has his own guardian angel living inside his home.

The father of two was unresponsive a week ago and Jackson, his 5-year-old son, called 911.

The dispatcher stayed on the phone with the little boy trying to guide him into providing clues to locate the family.

The boy's mother was at work when the situation happened.  Jackson did not know his address and the dispatcher told him to go outside and read the numbers on the wall of his home.

By the time police arrived, the boy was flagging down officers to his home.

Mike McManus was suffering from low sodium due to the medication he had been taking.
He told 7 Action News he had taught Jackson and his daughter Isabella how to call 9-1-1.

Paramedics got to the scene quickly.

"When I was told how they got there it was a pretty awesome feeling, you know… how he [his son] stepped up."
7 Action News spoke by phone to the dispatcher who did not want to be identified about Jackson's brave actions.  "He definitely helped that day more than he'll ever realize and good job to his parents too."

According to the boy's dad, Jackson has returned back to regular life and does not see himself as a hero.

However, the rest of Rockwood community does thinks he is a little hero and Jackson will be honored at the next Rockwood City Council meeting. 

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