Local business steps up to help charity after its trailer was stolen

(WXYZ) - Robert Spurgeon of Clyde's Frame & Wheel saw a story on Action News that really touched him.

It was about David Coleman who has been running the QTMC homeless shelter in Pontiac for 18 years.

Recently, someone stole Coleman's trailer. He used it all the time and depended on it pick up and drop off food for those in need.

"Running around and helping all these people out and they take his trailer? We thought we could help him out, "says Spurgeon.

So that's what Robert Spurgeon and his brother Gary decided to do. They called Coleman and told him they wanted to help.

Action News was there as Coleman stopped by Clyde's Frame & Wheel to receive this brand new trailer - all for free!

It's a 8 1/2 feet wide and 20 feet long. It's a big step up from the trailer Coleman used to have.

Coleman said ever since his old trailer was stolen, he has had to rely on others to make food deliveries to those in need and it has been a struggle.

"I don't have to ask any more family members for help. Now I know i can get the job done all by myself," says Coleman.

"It's a fantastic blessing. It's overwhelming. It's unbelievable. I could have never dreamed of it," he says.

He appreciates all the help and welcomes any donations to the QTMC homeless shelter so he can continue his mission.

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