Local man with autism gets to meet The Beach Boys

(WXYZ) - For 22-year-old Brett Werner, The Beach Boys are his whole life.

He is non-verbal autistic and the only words he can say are "Beach Boys"

He listens to their songs all day long.  It's what calms him.

Brett's father Mark says through Brett's condition, he found what works for him: the group's blended harmony and sunny lyrics. 

"As a parent you have a child that's born you think 'oh my God, they're going to be amazing'," said Mark Werner.  "They're going to be a doctor, a lawyer, or basketball player, and then sometimes you realize that God has other plans and you realize your child can't do everything and then you realize your child can't do a lot of stuff.  So you reset your plans and you readjust and you reshape yourself."

That reshaping was the start of a very strong father-son bond.  The two have traveled around just to see Beach Boys concerts.

Friday night, their dreams came true the minute Mike Love and Bruce Johnston of the The Beach Boys walked through the door at Freedom Hill.

With the help of country radio station WOMC, Freedom Hill, and 7 Action News, the two were able to meet the band members.

They also received two free front row seats to the band's concert Friday at Freedom Hill in Sterling Heights.

"As a dad sometimes you say 'okay… cant wait until my kids graduate high school,'" said Mark Werner.  "I can't wait till they graduate college, get married.  For me, this is like a college graduation.  Just to show The Beach Boys how much he loves them."

"I guess it's the ultimate compliment for us-- that our music is a tribute," said Beach Boy Mike Love.

"He's got a real soul… I like that," said Beach Boy Bruce Johnston.

The Beach Boys have never met a fan quite like Brett. 

"They've met the presidents, they've met movie stars, they've met other world leaders, they've met beautiful girls, said Mark Werner. "But the biggest Beach Boys fan on the planet is living in my house."

The Werners say The Beach Boys have now given them a memory they will take with them for the rest of their lives and they plan on going to a lot more concerts in the future.

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