Bernard Kilpatrick won't appeal tax crime conviction in exchange for feds dropping RICO re-trial

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Bernard Kilpatrick won't have to endure another trial for a RICO charge that a jury couldn't agree on.  In exchange, the 72-year-old father of Detroit's former mayor has agreed not to appeal his conviction for filing a false tax return.  Kilpatrick reported to a federal prison near Dallas last week to serve his 15 month sentence.

Kilpatrick's son, ex-mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his friend Bobby Ferguson are sentenced to decades in federal prison for their racketeering and conspiracy convictions. 

Last March, a jury was hung on whether Bernard Kilpatrick was a member of the "Kilpatrick Enterprise," as part of Count 1 of the indictment that accused the three of running a criminal enterprise out of Detroit's city hall. 

The former mayor and Ferguson were also convicted of bribery and extortion crimes.  Additionally, the jury found Kwame Kilpatrick guilty of mail and wire fraud, and tax charges.

"Everyone gets a little certainty," said Bernard Kilpatrick's lawyer, John Shea, about the new agreement.  Shea tells 7 Action News that even though his client gave up his right to appeal, he now has peace of mind about the mistrial on the RICO count, which is a 20 year felony.

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