Convicted stalker who sued his victim pushes his case all the way to the Michigan Supreme Court

DETROIT (WXYZ) - There are new developments in a bizarre stalking case first exposed by the 7 Action News Investigators.

It involves a convicted stalker who served time behind bars, then sued his victim when he got out of prison.

7 Action News investigator Scott Lewis first reported on this twisted saga two years ago.

Now, the case has gone all the way to the Michigan Supreme Court and Justices have handed down a ruling. Also, the stalking victim, Harvette Williams, is pushing for a new law that would significantly change the way the system handles stalkers and she thinks she can make it happen.

Williams is relieved that the high court has finally weighed in.

"Are you finally through with this guy?" asked Scott Lewis.

I hope so, I hope this is it," Williams replied.

The guy she's talking about is Kevin Gary.  He was convicted of stalking Williams and sent to prison for three years for violating his probation. And when he got out of the slammer, he headed straight to court.

Acting as his own attorney, Gary sued Williams, a cable network that did a story on her case, and a slew of others, claiming defamation of character.

"This is just another way of harassing and stalking me.  It's a way to stalk me.  He just used the court system to do it," Williams told 7 Action News when the suit was in court back in 2011.

Gary claimed that he never stalked Williams and was railroaded. When he filed the suit, he compared himself to a character in a famous movie.

"If you ever watch the movie Roots, R-O-O-T-S, by Alex Haley, the same way Kunta Kinte proclaimed his innocence, it's the same way I proclaim my innocence.  They forced Kunta Kinte to say Toby.  They forced me to say Toby to take a plea."

The lawsuit was tossed out of Wayne County, because it was filed in the wrong jurisdiction.  Gary later lost in Oakland County Circuit Court and the Michigan Court of Appeals. And just recently, an order came down from the Michigan Supreme Court denying Gary's appeal, ending a long ordeal for Williams who had to hire an attorney to defend the case.

"I'm very surprised that he would take it this far. This is the tenth year," said Williams.

The stalking nightmare changed Williams' life.  She set up a non-profit to raise awareness of stalking and she was instrumental in getting a state law passed requiring stalkers to wear GPS tethers for up to two years after their release from prison.  Williams was invited to Lansing to join Governor Jennifer Granholm for the bill signing.

Now, Williams is working with two lawmakers again, pushing for new legislation that would set up a registry for convicted stalkers.

"It would act the same way as the sex offender registry," Williams said.

Williams said she believes having convicted stalker registry could be a life or death difference for some victims of stalking.

Williams she is working with the staff of a Michigan Legislator on a statewide registry and also talking to the staff of Congressman Gary Peters about the possibility of setting up a national stalkers registry.

The 7 Action News Investigators contacted Kevin Gary for comment. He continued to insist that he never stalked Williams and said there is no evidence against him.  Gary also said he planned to appeal his case to the United States Supreme Court..

So, Williams is not completely off the hook with Gary yet.



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