Convicted state police lieutenant released early after only months in prison

MONROE (WXYZ) - Lt. Luke Davis didn't have to see the inside of a prison cell for very long. After serving only 4 months behind bars, he was moved to a boot camp earlier this month, scheduled to be paroled on the day after Christmas.

The early present means Davis served only a fraction of his 2-20 year sentence that came down in august.

As the 7 Action News Investigators first reported, Davis was charged along with another police officer and a civilian with stealing or selling property seized in drug raids through narcotics investigations in Monroe.

He was suspended with pay in 2010 after the 7 Action News Investigators first reported on the case, and earlier this year he pleaded  no contest to a count of running a criminal enterprise.

Davis is allowed to leave prison early because he qualified for a special program, allowing him to enter boot camp October 18 and to be paroled by December 26.

His sentencing judge signed off on the program, which will also require community service and for Davis to wear a tether.

Michigan State Police expressed outrage over the early release, saying Davis should spend decades behind bars.

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