Cushingberry's "pot" passenger during police stop is also his city hall employee

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The 7 Action News Investigators have uncovered documents at Detroit City Hall that show Richard Clement works as a contract staffer for George Cushingberry in the City Council office. 

The document filed with the city by Cushingberry has Clement working 14 hours a week, $2000 a month, $12,000 for the one year contract.  Clement was with Cushingberry on January 7 when Detroit Police stopped Cushingberry. 

The two officers followed protocol and called in a supervisor - a Sergeant who is now the subject of a Detroit Police Internal Affairs Investigation because Cushingberry was allowed to leave with only a traffic ticket for an improper turn. 

The first two officers found an open bottle of liquor and smelled marijuana. 

Today, Detroit Police Chief James Craig provided more details about what the investigation has found so far.

"There was some continued movement of the car after stopping" Chief Craig said. "An officer removed the key from the ignition." 

Clement had a medical marijuana card. The Chief says 'so what,' and the Sergeant is the only one under investigation because in part,  "Evidence that was not properly recovered, I will tell you that." 

Clement previously told 7 Action News, "One joint. And I thought they took it. I looked and hey, they gave it back." 

Chief Craig says his department will enforce the law impartially, ethically and with no favoritism. 

The Chief says the investigation will be done next week and made public. 

The Sergeant could face disciplinary action. 

The Detroit Inspector General is also investigating the conduct of Cushingberry and will make a recommendation to the Emergency Manager who can't remove Cushingberry as an elected official but could strip his pay and power as he did last year with then City Council President Charles Pugh.  

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