Daughter of man convicted of sexually assaulting her questions why he was released to run

(WXYZ) - A victim of criminal sexual conduct spoke with 7 Action News about learning that the perpetrator—her father—had fled after having his bond continued by Judge Vonda Evans. 

"He would threaten me with different threats and he would always tell me ‘I'm not hurting you, I could be doing worse' and him doing all that," she says.

He has never served a day in prison.

Judge Evans said she followed the law, but the victim believes that her father had more rights than she did.

"He would tell me he was gonna kill me or he was gonna hit me. I feel like that he has more rights than I do," she says. "I pretty much had to go on trial, tell everybody, including in front of him, what he did, knowing that he could just sit there. And then, they let him go and they say ‘well, he has a right.'"

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