Day 4: Jury ends first week of deliberations, no verdict yet in Kilpatrick corruption case

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The jury in the Kilpatrick Corruption Case has ended their first week of deliberations and there's still no verdict.

The jury has been asking to see more exhibits – evidence that was presented during the trial related to water department contracts, text messages, and financial records.

The slippery roads did not keep the jurors in the Kilpatrick corruption case from making it to federal court Friday morning.

The fourth day of deliberations started about 15 minutes late due to the messy commute, but the jury has been hard at work -- deciding the fate of Detroit's former mayor, his father Bernard Kilpatrick, and his friend Bobby Ferguson. The men are accused of running a criminal enterprise out of city hall.

Kwame Kilpatrick's lawyer, Jim Thomas, says lengthy deliberations were expected.

"He comes in the office every day – and we're obviously responding if there is any questions and letting the jury take their time in deliberating," said Thomas.

The jury has been asking to see exhibits related to water department contracts, text messages, and financial records.

"Can you read anything into the types of exhibits they've been asking for," 7 Action News Investigator Heather Catallo asked Thomas.

"That's the one thing I know – and that is you can't read into anything…  It never really works, to try and read someone else's mind.  And how many times was I making objections based on supposition during the trial about somebody saying, what did you think they thought by that," said Thomas.

Thomas also says the jury paid such close attention during the five month trial he's confident they will be decisive.

‘They're busy and that's the good part and certainly they were determined. Certainly they're avid note takers so what else can you ask? Just give them the time to deliberate and we'll see how it goes," said Thomas.

The jury will take the weekend off – and resume their deliberations on Monday morning.  Stay with for news of the verdict.

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