Dentist featured in 7 Action News investigation arrested for failing to register as a sex offender

(WXYZ) - The 7 Action News Investigators have learned that a licensed dentist who was the focus of our recent Moral Malpractice investigation has been arrested.

Dr. Donald Quinn was taken into custody in Farmington Hills for failing to comply with the state's sex offender registry requirements. He is accused of failing to changes his work address. He was arraigned Saturday.

Quinn was one of the health care professional we looked at in our investigation about how convicted sex offenders can apply to get their licenses back in the state of Michigan. 

Court records and police reports showed that Quinn sexually assaulted and beat a patient in 2001. He was charged with 10 felonies, but convicted of two counts of 2nd degree criminal sexual conducted, two drug charges and a weapons charge as part of a plea deal.

Quinn received one year in jail, five years probation and a suspension of his medical license, court records show. His license was fully restored last year, according to state licensing bureau records.

According to the sex offender registry, Dr. Quinn lists three work addresses.  But 7 Action News did not find the dentist working at any of those locations. We found him at Southfield Dental Care, where a man who said he hired Quinn told us Quinn has been working there for nine months.

He also said Quinn has been doing a good job, but when we pointed out that it is a felony for sex offenders like Quinn to fail to tell the state where they are working, the man said "What's the big deal?"

When we approached Quinn at Southfield Dental Care, he only said, "I really have nothing to say."

Quinn faces four years in prison if convicted.

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