Doctor accused of misdiagnosing patients has history of similar allegations

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The U.S. Attorney paints Dr. Farid Fata as a monster, willing to misdiagnose patients with cancer just so he could order costly tests they didn't even need. But evidence we've uncovered suggests that these allegations are nothing new to Fata, who currently sits in federal custody.

Mary Thompson was a recent patient of Fata's, and said today that she had a strange feeling about him almost from the start. 

"You're supposed to trust your doctor, now you can't even trust your doctor," Thompson said.

She says when the Rochester Hills physician diagnosed her with a blood condition, he ordered her to take a series of iron shots that would be paid for by Medicaid. But Thompson said she grew suspicious after her first round of treatment, and sought a second opinion. 

Her new doctor said she did have that blood disorder, but that the treatment she received was not needed.

"[The doctor said] I never should have had iron shots and I shouldn't have had the neck shot that he started me on.  And my kidneys are fine and everything's fine with me," Thompson said.

Records obtained by the 7 Action News Investigators show that accusations of misdiagnoses or unnecessary treatment have dogged Fata for years.  A  2007 lawsuit says Fata diagnosed patient Maggie Dorsey with multiple myeloma—a type of bone marrow cancer—and put her on a highly toxic regiment of chemotherapy drugs.

But after suffering excruciating pain, Dorsey sought the opinion of two other physicians.  According to the lawsuit, both agreed she didn't have the disease at all.  The case was settled out of court.

Attorney Jeffrey Stewart began preparing for a lawsuit against Fata even before yesterday's arrest. He says the doctor inflicted horrendous damage on his client just last year.  After being diagnosed with throat cancer—which he did have—Stewart says Fata gave his client excessive chemotherapy that had disastrous consequences.

"The effects of the skin and tissue breakdown as a result of the excessive chemotherapy administration are just profound... There is no medical justification for starting this particular chemotherapy before this radiation treatment or continuing it afterward," he said.

Attempts to reach Fata's attorney today were unsuccessful.

Contact Investigator Ross Jones at or at (248) 827-9466.

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