Donations to Gov. Snyder's controversial "NERD Fund" are down, but secrecy's at an all-time high

LANSING (WXYZ) - Donations to Governor Rick Snyder's little-known "NERD Fund" were down dramatically in 2012, according to a filing released Wednesday. 

The fund, which stands for New Energy to Reinvent and Diversify, took in $368,000 last year.  In 2011, it raised $1,318,100.

7 Action News was first to report on the fund last year. It is controversial because, unlike money given to Snyder's campaign fund, donors are kept secret from the public.  It was set up to "[promote] the common good and general welfare of…the state of Michigan." 

Expenses are listed only in broad categories and almost no detail is given.  In 2012, the fund reported spending  $173,630 on travel, $101,225 on office expenses and  $67,369 on "other."  All told, it spent $590,453.

Repeated requests to interview Snyder about the fund, dating back almost a month, have gone unanswered.

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