Former Larson's Towing driver says his ex-boss still owes him money

(WXYZ) - Some of Tom Larson's former employees say he owes them money.

"A check for $26.66, with no signature, that I can't even cash. This is a pay stub. He sent me all the way to Florida and only paid me $129," says one former driver. "I can't do nothing with this, I mean this is garbage."

"He waits til you park in the parking lot and goes in there with a Slim Jim, and opens up your vehicle, and puts it in neutral or tows it around the block and disconnects the linkage," he says. "It's ridiculous. There was one day I was there, he towed a guy's Mercedes because the guy had a flat tire. "

"The guy was dressed in a three-piece suit. How's he going to change his tire?" the driver asks. "The guy went across the street to call a tow truck, and in the meantime his car is getting loaded up on the tow truck. They made him ride with the wrecker driver all the way back to the yard and they charged him like $400 to get his car back."

The driver also doesn't mince word's about his feelings on Larson's business practices.

"What he's doing, stealing people's cars down there in Detroit, It aught to be against the law," he says. "I've worked for him. I've seen what he's done and what his people do. It's not right. People ain't got that kind of money."

So what does he think should be done?

"I think somebody aught to so something about it," he says. "Put him out of business, shut him down."

And what does he think about Larson personally?

"He's not a nice guy, if you've even met him," he says. "He's not a nice guy, at all."

In addition to this former driver, four other former Larson employees have filed complaints with the state.

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