Gas station owner says Larson stiffed him on $1,800 worth of diesel fuel

(WXYZ) - Gas station owner Alex Habhab says Larson owes his Sunoco station $1,800 for diesel fuel.

Habhab says Larson came to his gas station and told him he has a business in the township, needed fuel and promised to pay later, but never did.

Like other stories we've heard, Habhab first tried to collect the money from Larson himself.

"He said, 'I don't have it,'" Habhab recalls. "I kept on calling and calling and then he started getting an attitude and he started swearing at me."

It was at that point that Habhab decided "enough was enough" and he took him to court.

"I took him to court and he never showed up to court and we won," Habhab says. "Now he's not even at his place of business, so I'm out of $1,800."


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