How does a medical professional convicted of a sex crime get their license back

(WXYZ) - When the state suspends or revokes a health worker's license, they can apply to get it back. That is what licensed psychologist Julian Gordon did after he spent 13 years in prison after raping a 13-year-old patient, according to court records and police reports.

Each applicant must meet certain requirements and a board, made up of licensed professionals from their field, reviews their case. If the board denies reinstatement, the health worker can appeal to an administrative judge at a hearing.

But the board has to approve the judge's ruling, according to the state licensing bureau.

When Gordon applied to have his license restored in 2010, state records show, The board and administrative judge believed Dr. Gordon was well enough to return to counseling people and reinstated his license last year.

In her written decision, the judge said, "Dr. Gordon has shown by clear and convincing evidence that it would be in the public interest to reinstate his license."

But the judge  restricted him from treating anyone under 18 for three years. That expires next year when Gordon can apply to have it lifted.


Julian Gordan ruling.pdf

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