Kilpatrick's mom bails him out, makes Kwame's $500 restitution payment

DETROIT (WXYZ) - As he waits to find out if he'll be sent to prison, Kwame Kilpatrick's mom is doing her part to keep her son out of jail.

Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick paid her son's $500 restitution payment this month, according to the Department of Corrections, because her son says he's broke. Had the payment not come through, it could have led to a parole violation and landed the ex-mayor back in jail.

He spent a long weekend behind bars in January over failing to disclose a $2,000 wire transfer he received from a Chicago pastor.

Kilpatrick has had a difficult time generating income, in part, because he's spent the last six months in federal court for his corruption trial. 

According to documents obtained by 7 Action News, Kilpatrick told parole officials back in November that he's nearly $1.8 million in debt, owing $650,000 in legal fees alone.

In an ironic twist, Kilpatrick took to Twitter earlier this month, complaining about a boy he'd overheard telling his mom to buy him some expensive Air Jordan shoes.

"It's inappropriate to beg your poor hard working mother for $200 shoes," he wrote.



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