Fourth time's the charm: Kwame Kilpatrick is back behind bars

(WXYZ) - Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick will be in jail for three days thanks to a series of parole violations.  The former mayor will have a small, private cell and dine on fish, rice, bread and cake, according to the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC).

Kilpatrick is going back to jail at the Detroit Reentry Center sometime Friday afternoon for violating his parole conditions, according to the MDOC. The ex-mayor failed to report $2,000 he received from a Chicago pastor in December. The ex-mayor owes the City of Detroit about $860,000 in restitution stemming from his perjury conviction, and is required to report all income.

The MDOC says Kilpatrick was served with 14 parole violation charges Thursday evening. His parole officer gave him the option to waive the formal parole violation process and serve an immediate three days in custody at the Detroit Reentry Center.

Kilpatrick, his father Bernard and friend Bobby Ferguson are on trial for allegedly running a criminal enterprise during Kwame Kilpatrick's time as mayor of Detroit.

The parole violation charges stem from Kilpatrick picking up the $2,000 wire transfer at a Chesterfield Twp. Walmart. Kilpatrick was put on a tether and under house arrest while the MDOC investigated.

Kilpatrick will be housed in a 7'6" by 11' single cell the entire weekend and will have no out-of-cell activity, according to the MDOC. On tonight's menu Kilpatrick will have the following:

4 ounce baked fish with tartar sauce or a 6 ounce vegetable bean patty

Brown rice pilaf

Carrot and raisin salad

2 slices of wheat bread with butter

Banana or a slice of apple sauce cake

Skim milk or grape drink

Kilpatrick will be released from custody early Monday morning.

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