Local women feel trapped by man in power

(WXYZ) - They go there hoping to get help turning their lives around, instead some women say they end up feeling trapped.

Tiffany Hazel is a 22-year-old recovering Xanax addict.  After she got out of rehab, she went to something called a recovery house – a place with rules and curfews and structure to keep her on the sober path. 

Instead, Tiffany says the 58-year-old owner of the recovery program made advances to her… violating one of the cardinal rules of addiction recovery by starting a sexual relationship with her.  Tiffany says she felt obligated to sleep with him, fearing he would give her probation officer a negative report.

"He had made several promises to me, like I'm going to tell your parents how good you're doing on an every other day basis.  I'm going to let your probation officer know that everything is good.  I'm going to get you a job, I'm going to make you house monitor, I'm going to do all these things for you, but I'm expecting something in return," Tiffany said.

When Tiffany turned to an employee of the recovery house for help – she found she wasn't the only one facing the same pressures.

On 7 Action News at 11 on Thursday – 7 Investigator Heather Catallo reports on what happened behind closed doors at this sobriety house --  and she investigates why no one from the state can do much to help women like Tiffany.

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