New Deputy Emergency Manager Stacy Fox worked on controversial non-profit's board

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr didn't help quiet accusations over secrecy when he appointed Stacy Fox as his new deputy last week.  

As the 7 Action News Investigators first reported in 2010, Fox was a board member of the then-very secretive Wayne County Business Development Corporation, a shadowy non-profit fund that paid then county economic development chief Turkia Mullin two secret $75,000 bonuses…courtesy, in part, of companies seeking county contracts. 

Her then company, the Roxbury Group, was one of them.  It received nearly $350,000 in county contracts under Mullin's tenure. Fox has since resigned from the Roxbury Group.   

Shortly after we exposed those payments, the FBI served subpoenas on the non-profit as well as the 14 companies who contributed to it.  No charges have ever been filed.  After our reports, Fox left the board and Wayne County CEO Robert Ficano decided the fund would disclose donors going forward. 

Fox's appointment came the around the same time that Detroit's procurement director abruptly resigned from his position, citing concerns he said he had over Orr's secrecy in administering contracts.

The Emergency Manager, he reportedly wrote in a letter, "…made it impossible for me to feel confident that there is currently transparency, fairness and good judgment being exercised in the best interests of the people I serve."

In a statement, Orr's spokesman said Fox cooperated with the FBI's probe and is eminently qualified to be the city's second in charge.

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