Novi District Judge MacKenzie faces cease and desist order, and possibly more trouble

NOVI, Mich. (WXYZ) - The 7 Action News Investigators are digging deeper into the rare complaint filed by Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper against Novi District Judge Brian MacKenzie. 

Cooper alleges MacKenzie has a decade of "illegal and improper conduct," that he "dismissed valid criminal convictions," took it upon himself to give improper sentences and order the case files to be closed to the public.

Prosecutor Cooper in her complaint says this issue first came up in 2004. 

Former Federal Prosecutor and Wayne State University Law Professor Peter Henning tells 7 Action News this is judicial misconduct and the closing of the files to the public, while not clear, could be a cover-up for what Judge MacKenzie is accused of doing.  

The next step in the case is a show cause hearing before Oakland County Circuit Judge Leo Bowman on Monday. 

Judge Bowman could require Judge MacKenzie to testify in this case. 

It is also not clear if the Prosecutor will make a complaint with the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission.  If she does, Professor Henning says it could lead to a censure or a suspension from the bench. 

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