Oops! Quicken's $80k donation to pro-Duggan Super PAC is returned after Barrow files complaint

LANSING (WXYZ) - Tom Barrow hasn't figured out a way to beat Mike Duggan at the ballot box, but he's become an expert in making his life difficult.  

Barrow, who successfully helped boot the fmr. DMC Executive off the primary ballot earlier this year, also appears to have cost a pro-Duggan super PAC an $80,000 donation from Quicken Loans. 

In August, the super PAC Turnaround Detroit took in the donation from Quicken, the mortgage company that Gilbert founded and now serves as its chairman. Gilbert also has an interest in Detroit's Greektown casino.  

That casino interest, Barrow said in a complaint to the state's gaming board, made the  $80,000 donation illegal. Barrow cited state gaming law which says an entity that's "established, directed or controlled" by someone with a casino interest cannot make donations to political campaigns.

After first green lighting the donation, the Michigan State Gaming Board later changed its tune around the same time Barrow filed his complaint.

"In late August, notwithstanding its prior consent,  senior staff at the MGCB requested that Quicken Loans withdraw the contribution pending a formal opinion from the Michigan Attorney General," said Quicken General Counsel Richard Chyette in a statement. 

"In response to that request, Quicken Loans immediately asked for, and was issued, a full refund from the SuperPAC."

While it is a significant contribution, the $80,000 pales in comparison to Turnaround Detroit's total haul.  Recent reports show the Super PAC has taken in about $1.4 million in donations so far. 

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