Owner of company that did repair work on Larson's boat and tow truck says he was owed thousands

(WXYZ) - Jim Saxton is the owner of Ship Shape Yacht Care. He says Larson owed him $8,500. 

"It unfolded with some work on his boat," Saxton says. "And then the tow truck. He had asked us to fix it. It was all busted up. Never paid. Called him tons."

Saxton estimates that between his office staff and himself, they tried to call Larson about a hundred times. 

"Sometimes he'd tell us that the check was there, we could pick it up, 'Call me a little later,'" Saxton says. "He never answered the phone calls after that. Last phone call we made to him he said, 'I'm not going to deal with it this week,' I said okay."

Saxton also says that, in the end, Larson threatened to sue them. But it was Saxton who ended up with a judgment against Larson. He was awarded possession of Larson's boat.

"I think the authorities should go after him," Saxton says. "If he's cheating this many people, how many has he cheated who aren't saying anything or aren't coming forward." 

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