Psychologist says he is repentant and remorseful for molesting boy patient

(WXYZ) - In 1996, Dr. Julian Gordon, a licensed psychologist, was hired to treat a 13-year-old boy, who was struggling in school with dyslexia and attention deficit disorder.  But Gordon, who was respected and contracted to work with juveniles through Oakland County Circuit Court, molested the boy repeatedly and eventually raped him, according to court records.

A jury convicted Dr. Gordon of three counts of criminal sexual conduct. He served 13 years in prison and the state revoked his psychology license, according to court and state records.

The boy and his parents believed Dr. Gordon would never get his license back or work again as a therapist.

They were wrong.

On August 4, 2011 — just 18 months after he was released from prison — the state reinstated Gordon's license to practice.

Below is Dr. Gordon's statement regarding the boy he raped and another victim who testified against him at trial. The statement was part of the administrative hearing where a judge decided to reinstate Gordon's license:

At the time [in 1996] my major depression emerged along with the desire to be dead. I came to have a deep seated belief that adults would betray, reject and hurt me, because I was not adequate or appealing enough. These feelings became very complicated by a psychiatrist I saw beginning at the age 14, who was sexually abusive to me and inappropriate in a number of ways. I do not blame these persons or my past emotional traumas for my own abusive behavior, but rather I do now understand that I had profound and unresolved anger and helplessness and mistrust in relationship to adults that is very much a part of my offense cycle.

This was the reason why I turned to teens. I had a very distorted belief that somehow they could meet my emotional and/or sexual needs. In my fantasies, I did not think about the negative consequences or harm that could occur to them or me as a result. I learned over the years to block out these thoughts and lost myself more and more in my deviant fantasy life.

I also am not in denial of how I groomed and coerced both my victims and betrayed my victims and only hope that they eventually found a way to overcome the traumas I inflicted on them and went on with their lives in a positive manner. I hope they know that I alone am responsible and that all the problems were all mine not theirs.  After years of treatment and contemplation, I feel I understand enough about my offense cycle and deviancy to successfully manage myself and prevent relapse. I am also very confident that I can participate in ongoing counseling in order to maintain psychological and emotional stability.

In any case, my personal growth process is ready to enter the next major state of my life.

I am also confident that I am able to help others, which is my way of atoning for my terrible behavior of the past. I am a very repentant, respectful and remorseful man, who is also fiercely determined to make good in some significant way. Not only by taking care of myself in a healthy and responsible manner for the rest of this life, but also by contributing to alleviating the suffering of others in some meaningful way. I feel strongly that it is time for me to move on with my life as a mature adult who is committed to living the rest of his life as a safe, responsible and caring citizen.

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