State completes audit of Inkster court Judge Sylvia James

INKSTER, Mich. (WXYZ) - This is an audit that took weeks to complete at the 22nd District Court.

Tuesday morning, the regional administrator for the state Supreme Court was in Inkster to have a face-to-face meeting with Judge Sylvia James to talk about the result.

There are a number of concerns to the specifics not revealed to us so far because they are hoping that Judge James actually writes out some answers to more than a dozen findings that apparently were extensions from a 2007 audit, issues that were never apparently corrected.

The judge still seems to think this is about politics. During an interview with Action News earlier this year she said, "I think that a lot of this is overblown. I think that there are certain people out there that are driving this."

Judge James insisted that it was all about city politics two months ago when Action News Investigator Bill Proctor talked to her. But she admits that there are no audits of her court books for three years at least.

In fact, the last financial audit conducted at the 22nd District Court was completed in 2007 by a Taylor-based accounting firm. Among the material weaknesses in the way they kept their books, deposits were not being made on time, there was a difference in the bond lists and the other balance, the amount of the check stubs appear to be different from actual amounts that the checks were issued for and at least some of the workers were paid as contractors and they are paid by the funding unit.

That last item was very important as it points out that Judge James, even several years ago, was making her own rules when it came to the proper handling of some court employees.

Three years later, in mid-2010, that audit was reviewed by the state supreme court, and some of the issues that apparently were not addressed back then were still not addressed in 2010.

We will know more details Wednesday when the state supreme court releases the report, probably before noon.

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