Wayne County Jail's costs expected to rise to at least $140 million

DETROIT (WXYZ) - As Wayne County officials continue to close out the failed jail project, more bills will need to be paid. Those bills are expected to total at least $140 million. 

The additional costs were revealed today at a board meeting of the Wayne County Building Authority.

Construction was stopped in June after Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano said the projected  cost overruns on the deal would total $91 million more than the $300 million originally budgeted. At the time of the shut down, the county estimated they had already spent about $120 million so far. 

Even though the construction contract with Walbridge-dck was canceled, wind-down costs are still being tallied.

Some of the questions that county officials still need to answer include what will happen to all of the jail cells that were already ordered and how will the 48,000 pound cell blocks be stored while the county determines whether they can move the jail to the state's old Mound Road correctional center.

Meanwhile, Building Authority Member Jim Saros told the board that presentations from three private developers who want to buy the jail site and surrounding court buildings have concluded.

Saros told the board that he and high-ranking officials from Ficano's staff also plan to meet with representatives from Governor Rick Snyder's office soon to determine how much the state will assist the county in building a regional justice center on Detroit's east side.

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