Wayne County Judge defends releasing man accused of murder while out on bond

(WXYZ) - Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Bruce Morrow defended his decision to release Demetrius Edwards on bond, even after he learned he would spend years in prison for armed robbery. 

"The issue of whether his bond should be canceled and he be remanded didn't even come up as a possibility because there were no indications that he would do anything differently than what he had already done, and that was be compliant,"  Morrow says. "I think that the chance to do something worse depends on who you are and doesn't depend on where you are. People offend in jail and people offend in courtrooms. People offend if they're going to offend. It's not, I don't think, place specific."

Hours after he was released, police say Edwards murdered husband and father Cedell Leverett outside Eastland Mall.

When pressed about how Edwards would not have had the chance to murder Leverett if he was locked up, Morrow said, "He wouldn't be; that's correct. To the Leverette family, we extend our condolences, because nothing like that should ever, ever happen to anybody."

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