Wayne County Judge Wade McCree admits to having sex in chambers with woman who had case before him

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Wade McCree admits that he had sex in his chambers with a woman connected to a case he presided over last year, according to his written response to a Judicial Tenure Commission (JTC) complaint against him.

McCree, who was suspended last month without pay, filed his response to the JTC complaint Tuesday.

McCree is accused of having an affair with Geniene LaShay Mott, who had a child support case before McCree. Mott is the mother of a six-year-old daughter and the ex-wife of Robert King.

King sued McCree last month in federal court over his handling of their child support case. McCree has also been suspended from the bench.

In McCree's written response to the JTC, he states, "...that he became involved in a sexual relationship with Ms. Mott that began in mid-June 2012." And that he made "... the unfortunate decision to engage in a sexual relationship with Ms. Mott and also admits that on a few occasions, the relationship took place in his chambers."

But McCree goes on to say that, "This relationship did not impact any of Judge McCree's decisions...' regarding Mr. King and the child support case.

McCree is also accused of talking with Mott on how the judge could pressure King to come up with child support payments quickly, which included putting King in jail or on a tether. King was obligated to make child support payments, but was behind and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Legal experts say it is a clear conflict of interest for a judge to have a relationship with someone who has a case before them. 

Just before word of this relationship leaked out, in a strange twist, McCree filed a stalking complaint with the Wayne County Prosecutor's office against Mott.

McCree is also the controversial judge who was reprimanded for sending shirtless pictures to a court bailiff last year.

A trial date on the JTC complaint against McCree is expected to be set for May.

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