With Hathaway now a felon, Gov. Snyder mulls her replacement

PONTIAC (WXYZ) - With former Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway now a convicted felon, Governor Snyder is considering who to pick as her replacement on the state's highest court.

On Wednesday in Pontiac, Snyder offered little insight into what's become a hot topic in Lansing. His decision will have major ramifications.  Right now, Republicans have have a 4-2 edge over Democrats on the court and if Snyder picks a Republican, as he's expected to, they'll have an even stronger grip.

"We've gotten some very good candidates interested in that position, and we're making a review," Snyder told 7 Action News reporter Kim Russell on Wednesday.

"There's a number of strong candidates. It's premature to speculate on a particular one," he said.

Snyder can consult with members of the court, but he has complete control over who's ultimately picked for the job. 

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