Mike Duggan: Out of Mayor's Race, Future Up in the Air

WXYZ Detroit - With Mike Duggan deciding to not fight the Michigan Court of Appeals decision keeping him off the ballot, the Detroit mayor's race takes on a whole new perspective.  Duggan and Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon were within striking distance of each other.  Our most recent polling indicated it was a two person contest.  Napoleon is now clearly the frontrunner.  It's his race to lose!

But if he's smart, he'll continue to run hard and take nothing for granted.  Tom Barrow and the other candidates will squarely set their sights and paws on Napoleon.  And as we have just seen, anything can happen in politics.  With Duggan now out of the race, it gives the other candidates a shot at moving up on Napoleon.  They may get attention and a second look from voters they weren't getting before.  Remember, there's still more than a month to go before Primary Election Day. 

As for Mike Duggan, what looks like a doom and gloom day might in the long run be a blessing in disguise.  Don't be surprised if he eventually seeks another office.  That office might be free from operating in the shadow of a powerful Emergency Manager who currently holds Detroit's future in his hands.   Duggan could end up in a public office or private position that has more jurisdiction than the city.  It may be an opportunity to play a pivotal role in Wayne County or the State of Michigan. 

He gracefully bowed out today and took full responsibility for his campaign's demise.  He also said he would remain a resident of Detroit.   That leaves his options open for the future.

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