17-year-old Etwan Wilson talks about the day he was attacked in Flint

FLINT, Mich. (WXYZ) - One of the victims of the serial slashers is speaking out about the attack that sent him to the hospital with a huge slash up his chest.

Etwan Wilson says he was approached by the man as he pulled out a cell phone and asked for direction. After telling the man what he wanted to know, Wilson says, "He said 'Okay, thank you.' By that time he was pretty close and he just jumped at me and caught me one time. I just pushed off of him and ran, ran to the first house I seen with a light on. Thank God they opened the door for me."

The 17-year-old Wilson says he was seriously injured in the attack, and needed open heart surgery to repair the damage. He says, "He stabbed me once, but he stabbed me and pulled up. He went upward and caught three of my organs: my heart, my liver and my dyaphram."

Once he was stabilized at the hospital, Wilson say able to help police with a sketch of the attacker.  He says, "I just pray that it don't happen to nobody else. I'm glad I'm the one that lived and get to tell everybody about it."

Meanwhile, police in Flint have determined that a man who believed he was the 17th victim of the suspected serial attacker was not attacked by the serial slasher.

The revelation comes one day after it was revealed that the FBI has joined in the search for a serial stabber who may be linked to attacks in at least three states.

Meantime, the family of Arnold Minor, the last person killed by the serial stabber, was at Flint City Hall Tuesday and is calling on the community to come forward to help find the serial killer.

Minor's sister, Stephanie Ward telling Action News reporter Mary Conway that "You need to help this community because you could be the ones standing here next."

The mayor of Flint, Dayne Walling says in order for police to solve crimes like this one, people must be willing to come forward.

Police in Genesee County are also investigating the stabbing of a 16th person in the Flint area. According to the Michigan State Police Task Force, the victim said he was stabbed repeatedly on July 27th around 3:00 a.m.

The victim said he was walking on Pierson Road near Flemming Road, when a man approached him and asked for help with his vehicle.

“I was trying to help him raise his hood, when he started stabbing me,” said Antwoine.

The attack on Antwoine is similar to the one on Etwan Wilson. He was attacked on Cloverlawn, just 2 blocks away.

Etwan was released from the hospital Wednesday night, when he spoke with Action News reporter Mary Conway.

Wilson's mother tells Action News she believes the suspect is attacking to kill. "When he went in, with the knife, or whatever, he went up; he got his kidney, lung and heart, he did damage," said Natashi Brown.

An investigation is also underway in Toledo, Ohio, where 59-year-old Anthony “Tony” Leno was stabbed Saturday. Leno said he was stabbed by a man who was asking for directions. It happened outside of the church where Leno works, near Collingswood and Bancroft.

Because the church is located just blocks from the I-75 freeway, police believe it could be linked to attacks in Flint.

On Monday, police in Leesburg, Virginia announced that a series of attacks there may also be connected with the serial slasher in Flint.

Officials in Leesburg have been in contact with investigators in Flint about the case. Leesburg is about an hour northwest of Washington, DC, near the Virginia-Maryland state line.

All three Virginia attacks happened in the first week of August. The latest came on Friday, August 6. The other two were on August 3 and August 5.

The Virginia attacks follow the 16 attacks in Flint. Five victims have been killed. All but one of the people who have been attacked in Flint have been African American.

Police in Flint have released both a sketch and a vehicle description in the case. Virginia authorities say the vehicle matches the description of a vehicle used in at least one of the cases there.

The vehicle is described as a 1995 to 2005 Chevrolet Blazer or GMC Jimmy with two large dents in the hood. The vehicle may be either dark green or a two-tone green over beige or gold.

The suspect is described as a man in his late 20's or 30s, 5-foot-11 to 6-foot-2 and 180 to 210 pounds.