Chicago grandma takes on Proctor & Gamble over Tide PODS with petition

(WXYZ) - A Chicago grandmother is taking on consumer goods giant Proctor & Gamble after she says Tide detergent PODS nearly killed her grandson.

Erica Johnson started a petition on last month after her 15-month-old grandson mistook the laundry soap for candy, bit into it and nearly died.

"He began to go into respiratory distress and became lethargic. He became violently ill almost immediately with severe vomiting and diarrhea and was rushed to the hospital," she stated in her petition.

Johnson's goal is to persuade Proctor & Gamble to add an extra layer of protective packaging to each individual POD by raising awareness through the online petition platform. She also hopes they will change the warning label to better reflect what she feels are the real and unique dangers of the product.

So far her campaign has nearly 34,000 signatures.

I reached out to Proctor & Gamble for comment. They offered this response:

"Any incident where a child is injured is upsetting and that's why we and our colleagues in the cleaning industry have worked so hard to remind parents to keep these types of products out of the reach of children. We have been the first to make immediate interventions to the packaging of single use laundry pacs packaging to make it more difficult to open for children, to obscure the contents and increase the size and position of the warning labels.

The critical factor is keeping Tide PODS, and all household cleaning products out of the reach of children."

Erica Johnson argues that most people transport PODS by taking one out of the protective container and tossing it into their laundry basket, making the convenience of the product the most dangerous factor for children.

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