GMA's Josh Elliott joins our Vic Faust in teasing Alicia Smith about her "big-boned" cat

Watch video & look at Alicia's cat pics to judge

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) - What started as a story about a dog's amazing weight loss ended with a humorous exchange between GMA's Josh Elliot and WXYZ's Vic Faust and Alicia Smith.

The conversation all started with a story about a dachshund who'd lost 40 pounds in 8 months and needed surgery to remove excess skin that was dragging.

And morning anchor Alicia Smith – one of the resident animal lovers at Channel 7 – said that it's hard for pets to lose weight once they've gained it.   She admitted that one of her cats is overweight.

She described her tabby cat Sarah as "big-boned."

Co-anchor Vic Faust laughed – because he's teased Alicia about her 2 "fat cats" in the past.

Alicia maintains that her Maine coon – named Rummy – is just the right size for his breed.


Fast forward to the daily live talk-back with Good Morning America's Josh Elliott.

Vic joked that it had been a while since we put Josh on the spot after a light-hearted animal story.

Then Josh weighed in on the debate commenting on what he believes is Obie the dachshund's likely state of mind right now.

"Obie's hungry right now.  Obie's not doing this for the headlines.  Obie's, like, what happened to my food?!  Life was really well, and all of a sudden my skin's all dragging behind me.  Can you feed me please?" Josh joked.

Then he turned his commentary toward Alicia's cat.

"Everybody in Detroit, Alicia has one happy cat – a big, fat happy cat."

"Let's be honest.  Cats are as loyal as the dinner," he added.


So, we thought it was only fair to share pictures of Alicia's two cats so you can decide.

Above the video box, click "Photo" to scroll through the pictures.


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