Oklahoma tornado aftermath: Man's truck puts a smile on his face

MOORE, OK - In the aftermath of a devastating tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, you wouldn't expect a car to be getting much attention.

Derek Thayer, 31, is praising his American-made truck after it was carried from the nearly destroyed Moore Medical Center to a yard across the street.

Damage shows the Chevrolet truck was flipped, tossed and turned before landing on all four tires.

But even with the extensive damage, and even in a mud-soaked field, Dave was still able to start the engine, calling it American-made goodness.

While the truck clearly isn't drivable, Dave has his health and his life, and this truck is one of the little things that made him smile this week.

It's those little things that are likely to keep this community going in the days, months and years ahead.

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