Six Flags announces Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom for New Jersey amusement park

(WXYZ) - Six Flags Great Adventure is adding a new thrill ride that may have daredevils thinking twice when it debuts in 2014.

Called Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom, the ride will lift riders 415 feet in the air before dropping them back to Earth at 90 miles an hour.

Those stats make Zumanjaro more than 100 feet taller than Cedar Point's 300 foot tall Power Tower, which drops riders 240 feet at 50 miles an hour.

Six Flags says it will take 30 seconds for the ride's gondolas to get to the top of the tower - 41 stories in the air! On a clear day riders will be able to see Philadelphia 52 miles away.

The ride down will take less than 10 seconds!

Zumanjaro will be built into the structure of Kinda Ka, the park's accelerator coaster. Similar to Cedar Point's Top Thrill Dragster, at 456 feet tall Kingda Ka is the world's tallest roller coaster, beating Top Thrill Dragster by just 36 feet.

It's 418 foot drop sends riders rocketing at 128 miles per hour, making it the world's second fastest roller coaster and 8 miles an hour faster then Top Thrill Dragster.

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