Uber app allows users to order ice cream truck on demand

(WXYZ) - December has Santa Claus, the toothless have the Tooth Fairy and summer has the ice cream man.

Everybody loves the ice cream man but he's not quite as reliable as his counterparts; he doesn't always show up on the same day every year.

Until July 19.

Uber, a startup that allows riders to order transportation on demand via their smartphone, is giving users the option to order the ice cream truck instead.

Using the app, users can select the "ICE CREAM" option instead of a car. Within minutes cool, sweet treats will be making their way to your neighborhood.

Uber partnered with ice cream trucks in 33 cities and 11 countries to offer the promotion that runs from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. on Friday July, 19 only.

Ice cream trucks will be available on demand only within Detroit city limits and not the surrounding metro area.

The company says "Ice cream trucks will be limited and many people will want ice cream. If your request doesn't go through at first, don't give up! It will take a few tries until a truck is free and you're able to get one for you and your friends."

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