VIDEO: Disney's Princess Jasmine actress & "Glee" actor sing "A Whole New World," at New York bar

(WYXZ) - It's not unusual to hear songs from Disney or the hit show "Glee" covered at a karaoke bar on a weekend night.

But we're thinking this is a first.

At a New York bar - we're assuming around Halloween based on the decor - Darren Criss sits down behind the piano and begins playing  the Disney classic, "A Whole New World," from Aladdin.

NOTE: You may recognize Criss from "Glee" as the well-dressed former private school prep kid Blaine Anderson who is in love with Kurt Hummel.

It isn't until a few bars into his playing that you hear a familiar voice above the rest of the bar's drunken choir.

As the crowd quiets, they realize they are getting a private concert from Princess Jasmine herself, better known to her friends as Lea Salonga.

What's even cooler is that everyone in that bar, men included, know all the world's to the song.

You can watch and sing along to the video originally posted on below:

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We should note Salonga is the voice behind " A Whole New World," in the Disney classic "Aladdin" but actress Linda Larkin is the speaking voice of Princess Jasmine.

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