Local woman is among the passengers stuck on Carnival cruise ship

(WXYZ) - A Saline woman is among the passengers stuck on a Carnival cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico.

That woman is Eden Davis' sister, Gina.

The last time Davis communicated with Gina was on Monday, the day after the cruise ship that Gina is on caught fire.

"She said she was a little shaken. She said it was eerie at night," says Davis.

The cruise left from Galveston, TX. It was supposed to be a 4-day cruise, but is now inching closer to a week and it has been anything but relaxing.

Davis says Gina told her they had to go to the bathroom in bags and crew members would then dispose of those bags.

A weekend engine fire left the ship without propulsion off Mexico's Yucatan peninsula.

On Monday, Gina told her sister that all they had was water and fruit to eat. Gina is diabetic and had run out of insulin.

Gina went on the cruise with a childhood friend, Carrie. Both were going to celebrate the life of a dear friend they recently lost to cancer.

"I believe they were going to scatter some of her ashes at sea," says Davis.

At this point, Davis doesn't know yet what her sister has been able to do. As of Monday, even sleep was a challenge.

Davis says her sister and friend were sleeping out on the deck in lounge chairs because the rooms were just too hot.

Since their last communication, there are now reports from other passengers who say the conditions are horrific. There are reports of sweltering heat, backed up sewage and scarce food.

Davis was last told by Carnival that the ship should be tugged to Alabama by Thursday night.

This is Gina's first cruise and according to her sister, it could be the last.

Gina has confirmed through Carnival that she will be reimbursed and given another cruise, but Davis isn't sure Gina's going to go again.

"To have her home safe in Michigan and soon would be awesome," says Davis.

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