Machine developed by Kirin dispenses frosty beer foam

(WXYZ) - Ahh, drinking a nice brew—it's a pastime many of us enjoy.

But on those really hot days, it doesn't take long for chilled beer to get warm and flat. Well, there's a machine that's now turning beer into a frosty treat. 

Think of it as soft serve and beer combined. A new frozen beer foam developed by Japanese beer maker Kirin is raising some eyebrows.

Kirin has created a frozen draft machine that churns out the foam to give your brew an insulated frosty cap--intended to keep your beer cool for longer.

Beer Street Journal reports that air is blown into the beer and then flash chilled—it's served at 23 degrees Fahrenheit.

One of our viewers and an active participant on the #Backchannel-- Mark Williams-- is living near Tokyo and decided to test it out for us. 

"You can get some on your nose here when you try to drink it…it's like ice cream up top…it's actually hard to get at the beer at the bottom, but I like it…I'll give it a half thumbs up," said Mark. 

Aside from being served in Asia, there are reports that the machine is serving fans at Dodger Stadium and at a couple of other locations across the U.S.

So, could this be something we could see at Comerica Park in the future?

Check out Mark's full review of the beer below: 


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