Make sure your carbon monoxide detector has this label

(WXYZ) - When you're trying to keep your home warm for cheap, safety is a top priority.  

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In the winter months, there could be a silent killer lurking: carbon monoxide. We always get those warnings about making sure we have a fire alarm — but so often we forget about carbon monoxide warnings.

Chief: “…it’s not a lot of calls — but they’re deadly. It’s a silent killer,” says Southfield Fire Chief John Menifee. 

This year, Menifee says they’ve had roughly 35 carbon monoxide runs, a scary concern since it can often times lead to death.

Which is why our earlier Don't Waste Your Money report was so eye-opening this year. Three alarms on the market either at eBay or Amazon are being sold without a UL certification label, all three failing testing performed by consumer reports.

If yours doesn't have that label -- it may not meet safety standards and it should be changed.

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