Malice Green mural destroyed

(WXYZ) - Benny White Junior, II stares at the rubble left here on the corner of Warren and 23rd.

It was once a precious piece of art with a very deep meaning.

"It's taken me by surprise," said Benny White Junior, II.

Benny created a mural along a wall to pay tribute to Malice Green who gained national attention 20 years ago when he was beaten and killed by two Detroit police officers.

"When my grandfather came and did the mural, it kind of restored life, you know, to the neighborhood," said Benny White Junior, IV.

Benny White Junior, II's grandson is the one who told him about the crumbled pieces of history and Wednesday they told 7 Action News they had to come see it for themselves.

"It's just a reminder of how short life is and just tried to capture a moment where there was some type of freedom and injustice given to the people every time you looked at the mural," said Benny White Junior, IV.

Benny White Junior, II, who told 7 Action News he makes all types of murals, has no plans to paint a new public mural dedicated to Green.

He has his own way of remembering Green.

"I went my studio and did my own Malice Green in the studio and I have an exhibition," said Benny.

The city of Detroit confirms a structure in the area was marked for demolition for safety but they would not confirm where.

They will be making an announcement on what took place Thursday.

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