Man crafts light-up engagement ring for fiance

(WXYZ) - Sometimes an ordinary engagement ring just isn't enough for your someone special.

And what one man crafted, left his girlfriend glowing.

An electrical engineer in San Francisco crafted an engagement ring for his girlfriend that would light up whenever he was near her.

Ben Kokes, 36, secretly spent months working on a design and building the perfect ring for his girlfriend, Julie.

The ring has a copper coil that acts as a receiver, generating a current when exposed to an alternating magnetic field.

That's where his crafted bracelet comes in; it acts as the transmitter, so when he gets about 4 inches away, LEDs light up stones on the band. 

The ring band has 23 stones; 13 diamonds and 10 sapphires.

To easily explain the way it works, he says think about how your electric toothbrush charges. It's a similar type of connection.

He incurred a few hiccups during the whole process, but he was able to complete the ring and propose.

Kokes says he planned to go hiking with Julie on a trail that overlooks the city. He had hoped to arrive at dusk, the perfect setting to illuminate the ring.

Unfortunately, fog rolled in and they diverted the trail to take a trip to the ice cream shop. He proposed in the city, she said yes.

"She said: ‘Oh my God—that's incredible!'" said Kokes when he told her he made the ring.

He said he planned to have her pick out a ring at professional jewelers afterward, but she told him that she wanted to keep his as the permanent one.

Kokes is now working on a couple of updates to the ring and making sure the stones are more secure. 

He says people have asked if he would consider making and selling the ring. Kokes jokes that those people may be missing the point.

"It's the effort not the ring," said Kokes.

Asked if he'd do it again, Kokes said absolutely.

"I felt it was really a worthwhile thing."

If you want to learn more about how Kokes crafted the ring, check out his blog:

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