Manager finds more than $43,000 in donated clothes

(WXYZ) - As manager of the Goodwill Store in Monroe, Tyler Gedelian has sifted through plenty of old treasures.

But on Wednesday, inside some old suits and a robe, he found a jackpot.

"I couldn't believe it," said Gedilian.  "I didn't know how much it was but I knew it was a lot because it was hundred dollar bills in bank bands."

The stacks of hundreds turned out to be more than $43,000

"The first thing was I can't believe somebody lost this money," said Gedilian.  "I knew it had to be an accident.   How can I get this money to the rightful owner."

While some might have might have thought twice, Gedilian did not even count the money.  He immediately called police.

"I was just so relieved-- I was so happy when police took the money, said Gedilian. "No matter whose it is.   Especially if it's someone else.  Somebody doesn't know it's missing or somebody is looking for it.  I just wanted to get it back to the rightful owner."

Gedilian told 7 Action News officers found the owner of the money.

The Monroe News reports police traced the money back to a man who had donated the clothes of an elderly relative. Apparently, he did not check the pockets first.

"All I did was turn the money over the Monroe Police are the ones who made the connection and made that happen."

Gedilian has not met the rightful owner but he would like to. 

Even if he never does, he told 7 Action News knowing the money got back to the right person is just enough.

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