Map shows tweets from day of Boston Marathon bombings

(WXYZ) - When two bombs went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon last week, runners and spectators quickly jumped on social media to update the world on what was going on. 

In the hours following the Boston Marathon bombings, hundreds of thousands of tweets were sent out with the hashtag #BostonMarathon.

A senior from Syracuse University found those tweets and decided there was a better way to display some of  those real time updates.

Andrew Bauer was able to take those 500,000 tweets sent out that day with the hashtag and weed out the ones that weren't geotagged with a location in Boston.

After the tweets were filtered by location, about 221 remained.  He then took that data and pinpointed each tweet on a map to the exact location the user  sent it from.

So, you can click through and see what that individual tweeted and where they were on that tragic day.

The project was completed out of the University's New Explorations in Information and Science lab.

Bauer tells 7 Action News that he wanted to put the tweets on a map to give people a different view of real-time data than what you'd normally get from a Twitter or Facebook feed.

He says the future of social media could see more reorganization as opposed to these constant streams we're used to now.

To view the map, go here:

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