MDOT has plan to expand I-75

(WXYZ) - MDOT calls it a "modernization" of an 18-mile stretch that has the highest number of rear-end collisions in the metro. That type of accident means there's too many cars.

The plan includes adding an extra lane and making it a part-time car pool lane.

That stretch of highway currently has three lanes each way, but that's not enough. 

The Michigan Department of Transportation will add a fourth lane along I-75 and it will be for those in cars with more than one passenger, during the weekday peak rush hours.

"We really feel the congestion, recurring congestion during morning and after work peaks warrants an HOV lane" says Rob Morosi with MDOT.

Outside of the busier rush hours, the extra lane will be open to all drivers. and MDOT is considering higher MPG vehicles like hybrids and motorcycles will be able to always use the lane. 

Plans for the upgrade from 8 Mile Road to South Boulevard in Pontiac isn't even drawn up yet... and need SEMCOG approval... and city, state and federal dollars to complete.

But it's long overdue and m-dot believes the project may start as soon as 2016, welcome news to Alex Valentine, who travels from Warren to Troy each day for work.

"I think that will help a lot. It takes me about 40 minutes to get to work and there's always traffic on 75," said Valentine.

MDOT estimates an added economic benefit to widening I-75 will help the majority of the nation's auto suppliers located along Automation Alley get 26 billion dollars in commerce to and from Detroit.

The highway will remain open during the years of construction, which may be completed by 2023 at a cost of $850 million dollars.

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